About Us


The idea for dishlickers began after having very limited work due to COVID, but having the chance to hang out with Tiger more. We started work-shopping a crazy business idea together – Greyhound friendly food... I cooked a lot of biscuits that contained things like sardines, peanut butter or other healthy hound-friendly ingredients, and Tiger tasted and judged them (he can be very harsh in his judgement when he doesn't like something). After lots of trial and error that crazy idea turned into and we are now selling healthy treats suitable not only for Greyhounds but all dogs.

One of the motivating reasons to start making healthy treats for Tiger was the realisation of how many additives and low quality ingredients there are in commercially produced dog foods, and how many products are made from 'imported' ingredients.

Everything we make is made from either Australian or New Zealand ingredients. All of the items from our bakery are home made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.

Tiger is our tasting expert. Everything we sell has been tasted (repeatedly) and approved by Tiger – if he doesn't get excited by it, we don't sell it.

We hope your hound(s) enjoy our treats as much as Tiger does.

– Monty and Tiger